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who we are

Beeman & Sons Logging and Sawmill is located in Martinsville, Illinois and has been in operation for over 50 years (locally since 1995). We are licensed and bonded in Illinois and Indiana and have made it our business to create a successful timber harvesting process.

Starting out decades ago solely as a logging business, we are very familiar and comfortable with all things logging! However, a concern about a larger picture for the future of our company began as we started to see the decline of the middle man as a logger. So, in 2003, we made the decision to start our own sawmill and over the past twelve years it has surpassed our expectations. From pallet stock, to steel mill lumber to sawing long crane mats for a variety of different markets, the sawmill's production has evolved into a gateway of opportunity that allows us to offer our clients greater profit for their timber on the logging side, and to achieve bigger demands and better profit margins for our customers on the sawmill side.


As a business, we strive to do things the right way the first time and offer many services in order to do so. These services may include but are not limited to, an on-site bulldozer for cleanup, timber management, timber stand improvement and tree planting. We do not clearcut and don't advise people to do so, as we see the importance of preserving our forests and looking forward to the next generations. We also strive to leave farmland in good workable condition and will not leave tree tops in the fields or waterways.


One of the advantages of Beeman & Sons, is that we are a family-owned and operated company. This is what we do, and it is all that we do, so quality, craftsmanship and the people we work with are important to us.

BEEMAN & SONS was technically started back in the early 50's by Larry Beeman, Sr. with a small logging operation in Blackford, Indiana. Larry Sr. had four boys and two of them took off in his footsteps with a love of logging. Larry Beeman Jr. split off from his dad in the early 80's and created the "Beeman & Sons" name and business that is running today. He and his older brother Jack, continued logging in Indiana until 1993 when Larry said they "followed the timber" to Illinois.


Martinsville, Illinois became home for Larry and Jack and their families. Larry with his wife and four boys, and Jack with his wife and two boys.


In 2003, after some time of seeing the decline of the middle man as a logger, Larry Jr. decided to start his own sawmill. Over the past decade, that sawmill has excelled far beyond expectations and due to it's production, BEEMAN & SONS has the ability to offer clients greater profit for their timber than ever before.

Our roots run deep in this industry

For over 30 years, Larry Beeman Jr. worked in the timber industry and built up this business to create a life for his family and later to pass down to his boys. In January of 2015, Larry was diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive cancer, and in May of 2015, he passed away, leaving the family business to his sons sooner rather than later. Larry was a man of great faith, and lived out that faith in his daily life, including in the workplace. The values he upheld continues to be the ambition of our business.


2015 was the beginning of a new horizon for BEEMAN & SONS. Where there was one great man running many different parts of the company, all four of his boys stepped in and helped keep a smooth transition into a different way of operating. Several years later, Larry's two youngest sons now own the business with their wives and continue to grow and progress the business for (prayerfully) many generations to follow.  What a way to honor the hard work that Larry began!

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