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OUR services

Beeman & Sons is a multi-service company.

We are confident the solution to your needs can be found in one of our many fields of operation.

From Illinois to Indiana, we offer quality tree harvesting services for properties with 10 acres of standing timber or more. Our process is easy and straight-forward and our relationships with our landowners, customers and clients are important to us. We also offer numerous products through our sawmill that we ship and sell throughout the country, with the Midwest being our primary service area. If you are close enough to us, we also offer products for pickup such as mulch, sawdust, woodchips, firewood, and more! It is important to us to answer your questions and discuss your options, so Contact us today to find out how our company can help turn your thoughts and ideas into accomplishments!



Timber procurement

Pricing AND Purchasing TREES within specific, researched property lines

We offer a free consultation to assess the value of timber on a property. We will then either make an offer or advise the landowner to wait for a better harvest. We do not generally clear cut and our goal is to harvest timber in a way that allows the smaller trees to grow up into the next harvest. This creates a healthy property and preserves trees for generations to come. Your timber and business mean as much to us as it does to you!



timber harvesting

logging trees and hauling them to our sawmill or to a prearranged buyer

Our logging crews will take care of your land while removing your pre-approved trees. We strive for a quick turnaround and contract certain other trusted logging crews to make this happen. Our logging process is simple and effective- we come in and cut the trees, pull them out of the woods, load them onto our log trucks, haul them away and clean up your property.


sawmill operations

sawing the logs into lumber based on specific purchase orders

Our sawmill is mostly geared toward large and consistent orders, but occasionally we do smaller custom orders as well. We care about the products we saw and do our best to meet all of our customers requests. From large scale orders of crane mats to just a truckload of firewood,  find out how our sawmill services may fulfill your needs!



Shipping services

shipping the product and hauling our equipment to the next job site

Due to the nature of the services we offer, a diverse fleet of trucks and trailers is required to cover our wide range of responsibilities--from the needs of our logging crews, to the needs of our sawmill's product shipment-- we have many trucks and trailers to fulfill our obligations and keep our customers happy!

Great markets to meet your needs faster and operate more efficiently.

Great markets to meet your needs faster and operate more efficiently.

featured solutions

Once harvested, some of the best logs are sold for veneer and some are sold to vendors, but most go through our sawmill in Martinsville, Illinois. We have many great markets for our timber including crane mats, access mats, blocking, grade lumber, wood chips, semi-trailer flooring and many, many more.


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+1 217 212 9032

+1 844 841 3103